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Young Scots Keyed Into Future of Car Clubs

Young Scot Card National Entitlement Cardholders can now use their cards to unlock Scotland by hiring Co-wheels Car Club cars in nine cities and towns across the country.

There are more than 670,000 Young Scot Cardholders in Scotland. All cardholders between 18 and 26, who have held a full driver’s license for over year, all now have a key to a Co-wheels car in their pocket.

As part of the scheme, announced for the Year of Young People 2018, Co-wheels are also offering free membership and credit towards their first rental.

Co-wheels car club, a social enterprise car share company, have locations in eight Scottish cities and towns. These include Huntly, Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, North Berwick, Dunbar, Haddington, and Dumfries. Young Scot cardholders will also have access to Co-wheels fleet of cars across the United Kingdom.

Young people can book their car online, via a smartphone app or over the phone and get their Young Scot Card activated to unlock any Co-wheels car. Using the Young Scot discount, they will pay no membership fee, which is usually £25, they don’t need to meet a £5 monthly minimum spend, and every young person receives £20 of free driving credit.

How to get the discount

You can get your code for Co-Wheels over at

Co-wheels provides low emission, hybrid, and electric cars. The Co-wheels car club offers an easy and efficient way of transport and an alternative for young people who don’t own their own car.

Co-wheels has been working with Dundee City Council and the National Entitlement Card Programme Office to trial the discount and smart card technology in the Dundee area since 2015. Following the success of the initiative, from today, the programme is now available across all of their other locations in Scotland.

Co-wheels Scotland Manager Tony Archer said: “Owning and insuring a car can be so expensive for young people that they get priced out of the market – sharing a car is not just better for the environment but it opens up the freedom of car ownership without being tied down by the year-round costs.”

Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot said: “Car clubs like Co-wheels provide a great alternative to car ownership for many young people. They can open a wide range of opportunities, from visiting Scotland’s wild spaces and exploring with friends, to simply visiting an out of town shopping area. The partnership with Co-wheels is a great discount. It’s also a brilliant example of using the Smart technology found in every Young Scot National Entitlement Card to unlock travel for young people.”

Young people can apply for or request a new Young Scot card by visiting