On 12th June, Young Scot launched our new Membership Service to improve young people’s access to all of our services. As part of this refreshed  service, young people who are aged 12 and over will be able to become a Young Scot Member and access Membership Services, including Rewards, discounts and bespoke entitlements.

At this point, due to data protection law and myaccount policy, any Young Scot cardholders who are aged 11 will not be able to access Membership Services until they turn 12 – we estimate that for most young people affected this will result in a wait of a maximum of six months. Those aged 11 when they receive their card will of course have full access to ALL of our youth information, ALL of our “Show and Go” discounts and ALL of our opportunities to get involved via Young.Scot. But they will not be able to access our Rewards opportunities and online/smart-discount offers. We estimate that the number of 11 year olds this affect is less than 2% of the total number of Young Scot cardholders nationally.

We want to resolve this – and we think we can – so we are  actively working with our partners to explore data management solutions for access to all Membership benefits and bespoke entitlement packages for those aged 11, and will update on developments as a matter of priority. We are running a programme of communications to ensure young people understand this change. We appreciate your support and patience in sharing this message with your cardholders. Anyone with any queries should ring our Young Scot InfoLine on 0808 801 0338.