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Every year we publish our annual impact report. This report covers how we are meeting our strategic aims and delivering for the young people of Scotland.

Find out more below about annual impact reports and get in touch about any of the projects you see.

Impact Report 2017/2018

With a huge thank you to all of our partners and all of the young people who work with us, we’re pleased to share our annual Impact Report for 2017/2018.

This Impact Report provides a snapshot of some of the activities that took place during the year, including digital engagement, how we are using smart tech to tackle inequalities, and our participation and codesign work – including the Year of Young People, the Young Scot Awards, and much more.

Impact Report 2016/2017

With a huge thank you to all of our partners and all of the young people who work with us, we’re pleased to share our annual Impact Report for 2016/2017.

This is the first Impact Report under our three-year strategy.

Covering our last financial year, have a look inside to discover:

  • How the Young Scot digital channels were used to engage with young people on important campaigns.
  • The progress of our digital academy and our Modern Apprenticeship Programme.
  • How young people have been shaping policy and services through co-design.
  • Our work to celebrate young people.
  • How the Young Scot Rewards and Discount services have been connecting young people to new opportunities
  • The growth of the Young Scot National Entitlement Card
  • Some examples of how our work is making an impact in communities across Scotland.


Discover our previous impact reports

Impact report 2015-2016

Download our impact report for 2015-2016. We had a brilliant year working with loads of great partners.

Impact Report 2014-2015

For 2014-2015 we wanted the young people who we have been working with to tell our story. The videos can be found on an interactive map at  

Impact Report 2013-2014

Front cover of 2013-2014 Young Scot Impact Report

For our 2013-2014 Impact Report, we created a Young Scot HD News during a Young Scot Jam Day.

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Some helpful information


Download our impact report for 2016-2017. It's full of inspiration and great examples of how you work with young people.

Our Strategy

An image of the Young Scot Strategy 2016-2019 Document

This impact report was the first under our new 2016-2019 strategy. You might like a quick refresh on our strategical aims.

Our Partners

Everything we do is in partnership with others. Have a look to discover the our wide range of partners.

What do we do

Everything in our Impact Report is delivered by the Young Scot team through our services. Find out more about what we do.

Young Scot Accounts

Below you can find the Young Scot abbreviated accounts. These should be read alongside the Impact Reports above to provide the full picture about our activities. You can also view our our records on the OSCR website or on Companies House.