What does the Young Scot Card offer?

Over 650,000 you young people in Scotland carry the Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC); a free, voluntary card available to all 11-26s. It is the result of a successful partnership between the Scottish Government, NECPO, the Improvement Service, and all 32 local authorities. It provides young people with:

  • A Rewards scheme that offers increased access to unique opportunities
  • 1,500+ discounts in shops, restaurants, transport and leisure facilities, plus an additional 80,000 discounts across Europe from the partnership with EYCA.
  • Access to local leisure and cultural services
  • A recognised and legal way to prove their age through the inclusion of the PASS (Proof of Age Standard) hologram
  • Increased access to participatory democracy

Young Scot Rewards

Rewards is a programme based on a model similar to that of loyalty cards used in the private sector. It encourages young people to participate in positive activities that benefit themselves and their communities in return for points and rewards.
How it works:
  • Young people register their Young Scot card and create their online profile on the Rewards portal
  • They then take part in positive activities (e.g. healthy eating, recycling, exercise, volunteering etc) and earn points which are deposited into their online account
  • Users then save up their points and 'spend' them to redeem rewards; activities and opportunities specifically designed to open up further opportunities for the young person. Recent examples include driving lessons, Commonwealth Games tickets, and work shadowing opportunities.
Benefits to young people include:
  • Increased awareness about the local and national opportunities available to them
  • Supports employability by recognising non-formal achievements
  • The opportunity to undertake unique 'money-can't buy' experiences
If you're interested in becoming a points or reward provider (or both!) click here. To see our Rewards journey to date click here.


The discounts are designed to help young people make the most of their money while also increasing their awareness of local and European products and services. There are over 1,500 discounts available across the country; from money off transport, high street and online retailers, and eating out, to leisure and library facilities. In addition, cardholders can also use their card to access 80,000 discounts in 38 other European countries, run in partnership with the European Youth Card Association.
Discounts include: 
    • National concessionary travel scheme, in partnership with Transport Scotland. Young people aged 16-18 and full-time volunteers under 26 can receive the following:
      • 50% off most Scottish rail services and two free ferry journeys per year to the mainland for islanders
      • One-third off adult single fares on buses all over Scotland
      • Disabled young people can get a free card which entitles them to Scotland-wide free bus travel
    • National discounters include The Co-operative Food and Scotmid, Topshop, BSM Driving, Leckie and Leckie , plus more.
If you are interested in becoming a discount partner click here.

Access to Local Services

Working together with local authority partners we are able to provide young people with high quality opportunities on their doorstep. One of most common service is cashless catering in schools, enabling young people to pay for school meals using their card; removing the stigma associated with claiming a free school meal. Other local authority services commonly include public and school library membership, as well as leisure membership.

PASS is Proof

PASS and the Young Scot National Entitlement Card

Scottish Law states that along with passports and drivers licences, the Young Scot National Entitlement Card with the PASS hologram is a legal and trusted way for young people to prove their age and access those goods and services to which they are entitled. It is supported by a number of organisations including, the Scottish Government, Police Scotland, the Scottish Retail Consortium, and Scottish Grocers Federation.
The PASS scheme and Young Scot Card ensures you don’t lose out on legitimate business and means young people can have access to the goods and services they’re entitled to.
If you provide age-restricted goods and want to know about the PASS scheme, download the PASS Awareness Pack. This provides details of anyone selling age restricted goods or services with a quick reference point to help them arrive at a confident and informed decision about recognising authentic PASS cards as proof of age. Not all young people have access to a drivers license or Passport. By accepting PASS you are saying to 680,000 young people in Scotland that you support their rights to access good and services. You can support PASS. If you would like copies of posters or stickers please email us.
  • Share the PASS Awareness Pack with your staff
  • Use the "PASS accepted here" window stickers
  • Display the PASS 'Five Step Check' poster in your staff room or in public
  • Brief your staff about the Young Scot Card and Pass so they know what to look for
  • Finally, please email us or get in contact with us on social media to say you are PASS Promoters - and happy to view every presentation of PASS on its own merits - we'll help share your story on social media to position you as a responsible retailer who has young people's interests front of mind.
Here are just some of the people backing PASS... Police Scotland "The Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) has a vital role to play in combating underage drinking as well as the underage use of cigarettes and tobacco, or the buying of other age-restricted products such as knives. The Young Scot National Entitlement Card with the PASS hologram gives retailers a credible and convenient way to confirm a purchasers age.  Production of the card by a young person at the point of sale affords retailers and their staff the confidence of knowing that the card is a secure form of identification that can be trusted. Whilst documents such as Passports and Driving Licences are perfectly legitimate as proof of age, experience has shown that these valuable documents, if lost, can lead to identity theft by organised criminals. Both documents can be costly to replace as well as causing inconvenience and distress caused by identity theft. The Young Scot National Entitlement Card provides an equally legitimate proof of age option to retailers and could help reduce the opportunities for organised crime. Police Scotland fully endorses and welcomes the PASS Card Scheme". Peter Adamson, Chairman, Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland "Trading Standards services fully support the PASS scheme and recommend retailers accept only passports, driving licences or prescribed documents such as the PASS approved Young Scot National Entitlement Card. The presence of the PASS hologram makes it easier to spot fake or altered identification and is a useful deterrent in the prevention of sales to young persons of age restricted products such as tobacco and fireworks.” Eleanor Lee of Best Bar None Glasgow, run by Community Safety Glasgow: “We’d encourage licensed premises and door stewards to accept the new improved Young Scot cards as proof of age. New security measures mean they are tamper resistant and as credible for proof of age as a passport or driving licence.”    

Participatory Democracy

The Young Scot card uses the latest technology to increase young people's access to the democratic process on local and national levels. For example, every two years we team up with our friends at the Scottish Youth Parliament to support its election and develop young people's interest and understanding of the political system in Scotland.  Using their cards young people could log on to the Young Scot website, select their local page, read and listen to manifestos, then cast their e-vote for their favoured candidate. In total 35,905 voters used the e-Voting “polling station.” In 2012, in partnership with Shetland Youth Services, we offered young people the unique opportunity to use their Young Scot NEC to directly influence how £8,000 from the ‘YouChoose – Voice Your Choice’ project would be spent, in order to benefit local youth services. To ensure that the project was accessible and inclusive to all young people, those that didn’t own a card were offered a temporary card number, ensuring that all local young people had the opportunity to engage with local issues and shape services that reflect their needs. If you'd like to know more about the Young Scot card please contact us.