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Engage with young people aged 12-26 all over Scotland!

Young people are the trendsetters of today and a Young Scot Rewards partnership can help them to build an enduring relationship with your organisation.

With Over 700,000 Young Scot card holders and Scotland’s only dedicated online content platforms for all young people, there is no other organisation able to reach and engage young people quite like Young Scot. You can find out more in our handy guide.

Whether you’re a national brand or local business, and whether you want to offer a long term discount or a Rewards opportunity, we have a partnership
to suit you

There are more than Over 700,000 reasons to become a Rewards and Discount partner

A huge reach

With over Over 700,000 cardholders in Scotland (that's 73% of Scotland's young people). You will benefit from incredible reach


Young Scot's digital platforms have a huge audience. Each year Young Scot engages with two million young people online through and our social media channels

Point of sale materials

All of our discount providers receive a free promotional pack and window stickers to grab the attention of young people passing by

Appy days

We can provide free listing on the Young Scot app, placing your offer at young people’s fingertips. We'll also list your discount on

Go international

Young Scot has a reciprocal partnership with the European Youth Card Association. Your discount will also be available to young people from another 36 countries


Demonstrate your credentials as a youth friendly organisation by joining as a Rewards and Discount partner

Support for Young Carers

On Wednesday 12th June we launched the new Young Carers Package on The package offers all young people aged 11-18, who provide a care giving role, access to a special range of opportunities.

If you think you can contribute to this incredible package for incredible young people contact

Young Scot Rewards

YoungScot Rewards is a well established digital programme comparable to loyalty models used by the private sector.

Rewards provide over 93, 372 young people across Scotland with access to incredible, positive opportunities, recognising their valuable contributions to their community and celebrating their achievements.

Users collect points for participating in activities such as healthy eating, sharing their opinions, volunteering or sports coaching and then use their points to redeem rewards.

Rewards can be direct claims for physical items (or part of a draw) as well as positive experiences or opportunities. All Rewards support further personal development.

The ethos is a simple one: rewarding young people for making choices that have a positive impact on themselves, their communities and the environment.


Become a Discount Partner

The discounts are designed to help young people make the most of their money while also increasing their awareness of local and European products and services. Discounts remove barriers to participation and support young people through points of transition.

There are  1500+ discounts available across the country; from money off transport, high street and online retailers, and eating out, to leisure and library facilities.

In addition, cardholders can also use their card to access 80,000 discounts in 38 other European countries, run in partnership with the European Youth Card Association.

It's really easy to be part of Young Scot Rewards


Do you offer a cultural, volunteering, active, employability or community action opportunities? Get in touch for information on how you can offer Reward points to young people.


Think of it as a competition prize. Could you offer vouchers, tickets to an event, or an experience unique to your organisation. Young people will use their points to claim their Reward.


We'll promote your activity or reward through the Young Scot Rewards newsletter and Young Scot's communications channels.

It's easy (and free) to become a discount partner

Decide on your offer

Decide what offer would suit your goals and your service or product. It could be a straight discount (10% off), a free gift, free postage or anything else that makes it more affordable.

Where can it be redeemed

The discount can be offered in-store, on the phone or online. For online use, we can create a bespoke discount code that is only unlocked by a Young Scot Card. We can also provide window and till stickers for your shops and a guide for your staff.

Register your discount

Give us a call or register online. It will only take you a few moments to begin the process of becoming a Young Scot discount provider.

Having an active lifestyle has a positive impact on physical and mental health, so it’s exciting to see Young Scot using innovative technology to help young people to be more active, more often…”

Connect Your Tech Minister for Public Health and Sport, Aileen Campbell.

Working with Young Scot on this campaign has been a key part of our five-year strategy, not just to inform and reach young people with this essential life skill, but to engage and pass it on to their friends and family.

Save a Life Campaign Lisa MacInnes, National Programme Manager for Save a Life for Scotland

I really like Young Scot Rewards because of the variety of opportunities. I especially like the Connect Your Tech service because you can push yourself and reach an exercise goal.

Rewards User – Michael Inglis Michael from East Renfrewshire

Our Rewards partnership has been successful in encouraging over 2,300 SAAS early funding applications in 2016.

SAAS – Rewards Head of Communications/Student Awards Agency for Scotland

Our discount partnership helps Co-op to build a positive relationship with young people across Scotland.

Co-Op – Discounts Marketing Manager/Co-Op

Here are some example partnerships to inspire you

Irn-Bru Carnival

Since trialing a nationwide discount in 2013 the partnership has developed to become one of Young Scot’s most popular event discounts and a key platform for the organisers to create buzz and encourage visitors.

 Asthma UK Scotland

A Rewards partnership between Asthma UK Scotland and Young Scot was created to improve young people’s understanding of Asthma and signpost young people with asthma to useful resources.

Case Study - Co-op

Launched in November 2014, our partnership with the Co-op Food, offering Young Scot cardholders 10% off their shop, has gone from strength to strength.

Renfrewshire Leisure

Renfrewshire Leisure have been supporting young people and encouraging them to get active through a new discount using the Young Scot National Entitlement Card.

Some of our brilliant rewards and discount partners

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