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At Young Scot we are passionate about international opportunities for young people.

We are busy working to maximise opportunities for young people to live, learn and word abroad as well as influencing change on a global scale through our partnerships with the European Youth Card Association, European Youth Information and Counselling Agency, the British Council and Others.

The European Youth Card Association

Young Scot is the Scottish member of the European Youth Card Association (EYCA).

The EYCA is a non-governmental, not-for-profit association of 40 member organisations in 37 countries across Europe working together to empower Europe’s youth.

EYCA members issue the European Youth Card to nearly 6.5 million young people and endeavour to achieve their shared vision of a Europe where all young people are mobile and active. In order to encourage more young people to be socially, culturally, educationally and economically mobile, EYCA delivers quality European Youth Card services and works with European institutions such as the Council of Europe and the European Commission to help create better youth policy.

As members of the EYCA, Young Scot discounts are available to cardholders across Europe. In return Young Scot's can access discounts across Europe, removing barriers to enjoying opportunities to experience other countries and cultures.

The European Youth Information and Counselling Agency

Young Scot is a member of The European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA). ERYCA is an independent European organisation, composed of national and regional youth information co-ordination bodies and networks. It works to intensify European and international cooperation in the field of youth information work and services.

ERYICA develops, supports and promotes quality generalist youth information policy and practice at all levels in order to meet the information needs of young people and to apply the principles of the European Youth Information Charter.


Eurodesk UK is an information and support service to help young people and youth organisations find out about opportunities in Europe.

Young Scot it one of a network of Eurdesk partners supporting the delivery and promotion of Eurodesk services.

The Eurodesk UK website gives tailored information for young people aged 13-30 on the different opportunities available in Europe and an insight into what it’s like to take part in European youth projects. Visit our European portal via for more information

European Policy

Young Scot has been working with the Scottish Government and other partners to understand young people's thoughts and priorities for Scotland's future relationship with Europe. Discover this research below.

European Youth Card Association (EYCA)

Young Scot is one of the 38 youth card organisations in 36 countries across Europe who are members of the EYCA. All are committed to promoting youth mobility and active citizenship to more than 6 million cardholders. Member develops the youth card and provides young people access to discounts and benefits in the fields of mobility, accommodation, culture, services and products.

 Study visits

If you are interested in setting up a youth card in your country or region - or learning more about Young Scot - our doors are open. Every year we welcome dozens of officials and delegates to our office to learn about how we and our partners manage the Young Scot National Entitlement Card.

Become a discount partner

Thanks to our partnership, discounts available to the 689, 210 Young Scot Cardholders are also available to the other 7 million young people across Europe with European Youth Card.  If you are interested in reaching an international audience of young people then get in touch.

EYCA Good Practice Series

Visit the EYCA website for more information about their work across Europe. The EYCA have created a great resource with loads of brilliant example about how youth card services can support youth mobility.

EYCA Presidency

Did you know, Young Scot's Chief Executive Louise Macdonald is also the current president of the EYCA? If you would like to speak to Louise about the work of the EYCA please get in touch. 

European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA)

ERYICA is an independent European organisation, composed of national youth information co-ordination bodies and networks. ERYICA’s role is to foster co-operation in the field of youth information work and services; to develop, support and promote quality general youth information policy and practice at all levels; and to ensure that the information needs of young people and the principles of the European Youth Information Charter are respected.

Youth Information

Young Carers appearing on YouTube

Young Scot is a leader in the providing youth information. Visit our page about Young Scot's content and information offering to find more about why ERYICA is working with Young Scot.

Find our more about ERYICA

Head on ove the ERYICA website for more about youth information across Europe and how to get involved.


Young Scot is a partner with Eurodesk UK  to support the delivery and promotion of Eurodesk services in the UK. We working across the UK to ensure that as many young people become informed about the opportunities available to them. 

Reach More Young People!

‘Reach More Young People! Promoting Youth Work and Youth Information Services’ has been launched by ERYICA to inspire organisations working with young people across Europe. Packed with great examples of models, tools, cases studies and services, the document is designed to inspire youth and information workers.

Influencing Change

Young people should be directly involved in shaping the policies and services that affect their lives. This is true in Scotland and it's just as true on the international stage. We're proud of the all the young people we've worked with to influence change internationally.

The Future of Europe

Created by 12 young people and their counterparts in Europe during an event organised by the Scottish Government, ‘The Future of Europe’ report makes recommendations to the Scottish, UK and other EU governments on the new relationship of European nations.

A Better Brexit for Young People

YouthLink Scotland, Young Scot and My Life My Say gathered young people together to discuss Brexit over a cup of coffee at an event in Edinburgh. The discussion and debate fed directly into Parliament through the All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Better Brexit for Young People.

Meet the Minister

We invited the Scottish Government's Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland's Place in Europe to the Young Scot office for a live Facebook Q&A with young people. It was a fascinating chat. Catch up with the video again on-demand.

The EU Referendum

Following the decision to leave the European Union, Young Scot launched a survey to find out what the young people of Scotland thought about the result, process and what matters most to them during the negotiations.

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