Co-design Service

Our co-design service involves young people creating, designing and delivering solutions in collaboration with organisations.

Young people have a significant role to play in encouraging organisations and communities to adopt a more collaborative culture, focusing resources to effectively meet the needs of individuals and communities.

Are you ready to engage in the tried and tested Young Scot co-design process with young people?

The Young Scot Co-design Process

Co-design is about much more than just understanding their issues it’s about giving young people the power to create real change to policy, practice and services. Co-design goes beyond consultation, it engages young people as equals, with shared power and resources.

By engaging in a Co-design project, you are tapping into young people’s insight, enthusiasm and honesty to find out what they really want and how to make it happen It can help you to develop informed insights, ideas, recommendations and solutions for policy and practice.

The Young Scot Co-design Service ties into key policy areas including:

  • United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child
  • Public Service Reform/Christie Commission
  • Community Empowerment Act
  • Getting It Right for Every Child
  • Scottish Government Education Service Review – Rights and Participation Strategies
  • National Youth Work Strategy

Over the past six years we've tackled a wide range of topics and worked with hundreds of partners. Want to find out more?

How does Co-design work?

Every Co-design project has a bespoke plan to meet your objectives. Within the model we typically use and blend a range of approaches that are much greater than the sum of parts.


Working with our Insights and Intelligence Officer at the Young Scot Observatory we can use online surveys other activities to offer a snapshot of current attitudes and emerging trends.


Workshops are focussed local sessions to quickly understand the priority issues for young people.


Taking place over one or two days, Jams are highly immersive events with young people and stakeholders
working together.


A co-design panel involved an established group to becoming experts on a specific challenge over three to twelve months, developing ideas and recommendations as they go.

Youth Commissions

Over one or more years, a youth commission investigation includes in-depth understanding, developing their own evidence gathering and engaging with other young people.

Why Co-design?

The Young Scot Co-design model can help you  ‘flip the radar’, to let you see what’s on the horizon from the perspective of young people who are experts of their own experience.


Using the Young Scot Co-design methodology you are demonstrating to young people that you are engaging with them meaningfully


All of the organisations we work with discovered the benefits of making decisions with young people to solve real world challenges and exciting new ways of working.


Co-design can help build-capacity, develop skills and increase collaboration within your own teams too.


Co-design will help you develop new ideas and challenge old ways of thinking.


Co-design can be used to direct and influence any area of policy or service design.

Current Co-design projects

Every day we're working with young people and our partners to explore a diverse and important range of topics. If you would like to discuss any of our projects or if you would like to meet the young people involved please get in touch.

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