Statement from Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot

“Earlier this week we produced an Instagram story on unplugging from social media and taking breaks to aid wellbeing. It is something young people have talked to us about lots – and other organisations have also recommended. 

With the space limitations of Instagram we tried to express in simple terms something which required much more nuance and thoughtfulness. We phrased it poorly and sadly our editorial quality process failed and it was published. 

It was spotted by a senior journalism lecturer who tweeted about it. As soon as she did we took the content down and issued an explanation and statement. She was gracious in her acknowledgement of our swift action.  It was then picked up from the conversation on Twitter by The Times Scotland. 

Whilst we absolutely respect the rights of the reporter to cover the story, we are sad and disappointed to see it being sensationalised and presented for comment to other respected professionals without them being aware of the full context. We absolutely do not advocate young people switching off from the news – our whole purpose as a charity is to support young people to make informed decisions and choices. But when social media channels are overwhelming in this fast paced world, we think it’s ok to take a wee bit of downtime for self-care to recharge before you reconnect as an active citizen. 

Young Scot remains committed to young people being informed and digitally literate so they can navigate this complex world safely and positively. We are also committed to learning from our mistakes.”