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New Proof of Age Toolkit for Scottish Businesses

A new free toolkit to help Scottish businesses and licence holders use the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) has been launched. The launch coincides with the ten-year anniversary of PASS holograms inclusion on Young Scot National Entitlement Cards.

Presented by Young Scot at the Best Bar None conference in Glasgow, the new PASS packs provide anyone selling age-restricted goods or services with a quick reference point to help them arrive at a confident and informed decision about recognising authentic Young Scot National Entitlement Cards as proof of age.

The new toolkit will help businesses provide young people with the age-restricted goods and services they are entitled to and help businesses to not miss out on legitimate sales. Retailers will be encouraged to promote that accept valid PASS Cards as part of the preparations for the Year of Young People 2018.

The toolkit can be downloaded from

Best Bar None Glasgow has become the latest group to endorse the PASS scheme.

Eleanor Lee of Best Bar None Glasgow, run by Community Safety Glasgow, said: “We’d encourage licensed premises and door stewards to accept the new improved Young Scot cards as proof of age. New security measures mean they are tamper resistant and as credible for proof of age as a passport or driving licence.”

With more than 680,000 Young Scot Cardholders in Scotland, the free Young Scot National Entitlement Card is the biggest and most accessible proof of age scheme in Scotland available to all young people no matter their background or circumstance.

For more information, to request a pack or download the resources, businesses can visit

Young Scot, who runs the PASS scheme in Scotland, audits every one of Scotland’s 32 local authorities, who issue the cards. Since 2014, new anti-tamper strips have been added to the card’s date of birth. Young people are also encouraged to keep their photograph up to date.

Peter Adamson, Chairman, Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland, said,

“Trading Standards services fully support the PASS scheme and recommend retailers accept only passports, driving licences or prescribed documents such as the PASS approved Young Scot National Entitlement Card. The presence of the PASS hologram makes it easier to spot fake or altered identification and is a useful deterrent in the prevention of sales to young persons of age restricted products such as tobacco and fireworks.”

Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot, said: “We understand that retailers need to be confident that a young person is who they say they are and that their details are correct.”

“PASS is a quality assured scheme, backed by experts and the Scottish Government and is fully audited. With a real photo, tamper-proof date-of-birth and a PASS hologram, which is protected by law, the Young Scot National Entitlement Card stands equally with a driver’s license or a passport as legitimate proof of age under Scottish law.”

“Not all young people can afford to access a driver’s licence or passport, and they are expensive documents to lose, responsible retailers should be giving a young person every opportunity to prove their age. We are asking all licence holders, shop staff and door staff in Scotland to treat all young people fairly and accept all valid Young Scot Cards by using the new PASS packs.”

Police Scotland Chief Superintendent John McKenzie, Safer Communities, said:

“The Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) has a vital role to play in combating underage drinking as well as the underage use of cigarettes and tobacco, or the buying of other age-restricted products such as knives. The Young Scot National Entitlement Card with the PASS hologram gives retailers a credible and convenient way to confirm a purchasers age.  Production of the card by a young person at the point of sale affords retailers and their staff the confidence of knowing that the card is a secure form of identification that can be trusted. Whilst documents such as Passports and Driving Licences are perfectly legitimate as proof of age, experience has shown that these valuable documents, if lost, can lead to identity theft by organised criminals. Both documents can be costly to replace as well as causing inconvenience and distress caused by identity theft. The Young Scot National Entitlement Card provides an equally legitimate proof of age option to retailers and could help reduce the opportunities for organised crime. Police Scotland fully endorses and welcomes the PASS Card Scheme.”