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Minister to meet with young people to discuss EU exit

Young Scots have the chance ask Mike Russell, the Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe, anything they like about plans for Scotland’s future relationship with Europe at an event in Edinburgh later this month.

Mike Russell, will take part in a question and answer session at Young Scot on the 31st October. The event the event will be live-streamed on Young Scot’s Facebook account so young people across the country can also get involved.

Young people can apply to be members of the audience at young.scot/get-involved.

To coincide with the event, the recommendations of a report prepared by 37 young people from across Europe on key issues likely to affect young Scots in the future has been published.

Future of Europe Report

‘The Future of Europe’ report makes recommendations to the Scottish, UK and other EU governments on the new relationship of European nations. Key recommendations include:

  • Establishing an international ‘European Culture Day’ to celebrate the individual and mutual customs, traditions and cultures of Europe.
  • A pan-European exchange programme for school pupils aged 15-16 to swap lives for six months to explore other languages and cultures.
  • A programme of government-led intervention to tackle stigma and stereotyping of refugees by governments and media.
  • Creating shared European housing strategies to allow communities to get more involved in local infrastructure and how social housing polies are developed.
  • The introduction of cross-border travel discounts and incentives for green transport as part of the Paris Agreement and COP 21.

The report was compiled by national young agency Young Scot following a co-design workshop with 11 young people from Scotland and 26 young people from across Europe held by the Scottish Government and Young Scot earlier this year.

Facebook Livestream

Young people from communities across Scotland will attend the event at Young Scot from 6pm-8pm on 31 October with more joining the online conversation via the Young Scot Facebook Live feed and using #YSEUFuture.

Topics likely to be covered include education, human rights, immigration, freedom to travel, the economy and studying abroad.

Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe, Michael Russell said:

“I have previously met with Young Scot, the Commissioner for children and younger people and other groups representing young people to hear their concerns. Brexit is by far the biggest threat to Scotland and that is why we have always been clear that remaining within the EU is the best option for our future. It is vital that the opinions of children and young people are heard during these negotiations as it is their future that is being shaped. I look forward to the discussion later this month and to hearing the views of young people over the coming months.”

Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot: “As Scotland and the UK embark on a new relationship with Europe, young people will be more affected than any other generation. It’s vital that young people in Scotland and across Europe are given the opportunity to shape their own future. This event will give young Scots the chance to ask questions, debate and contribute to the national discussion.”