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European Youth Card Association Elect Scottish President

The European Youth Card Association (EYCA), has elected the Chief Executive of Young Scot, Louise Macdonald OBE, as their new president.

EYCA represents the interests of nearly six and a half million young cardholders across 40 youth card organisations in 37 European countries. The organisations work together to help young people to access social, cultural, education and economic opportunities through European Youth Card services and contribute to policy on youth mobility and active citizenship.

During 2017, EYCA is celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

Louise was elected President by the EYCA membership at their annual conference in Belgrade on the 3rd June. Louise will serve as President of EYCA for the next three years and becomes its first female President. Starting immediately, Louise will be responsible for working with the nine EYCA Board members on the strategic direction of the organisation. Louise takes over the role from Jarkko Lehikoinen, from Finland’s national service and lobbying organisation for youth work, Allianssi.

Reaction to Louise’s Appointment

Dame Sue Bruce, Chair of Young Scot, said, “The EYCA unites 37 countries and nearly six and half million card holders and there has never been a more crucial time to have a strong voice for young people in Europe. Louise is an excellent appointment and I know she will be working hard to create opportunities for young people across the Europe to experience other cultures and to shape the future.”

Manel Sanchez Garcia, EYCA Director, said: “EYCA member organisations elected Louise as their new President with an overwhelming majority. I believe this result speaks to their confidence in Louise’s leadership and her ability to help the Association develop further and maximise its impact on young people’s lives. We are all very much looking forward to the next 3 years.”

Louise Macdonald OBE, EYCA President and Chief Executive of Young Scot said, “Right now, international citizenship has never been more important. As we look to the future, it’s important we are able to celebrate and understand our differences as well as the ties that bind us all. By working together across 37 countries the EYCA network provides us with a wonderful opportunity to share and create opportunities for young people to flourish.”

About EYCA

The European Youth Card Association (EYCA) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit association of 40 member organisations in 37 countries across Europe working together to empower Europe’s youth.

EYCA members issue the European Youth Card to nearly 6.5 million young people and endeavour to achieve their shared vision of a Europe where all young people are mobile and active. In order to encourage more young people to be socially, culturally, educationally and economically mobile, EYCA delivers quality European Youth Card services and works with European institutions such as the Council of Europe and the European Commission to help create better youth policy.