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YOYP2018 Blog: Education

Hi, I’m Ben Mason. I grew up in Govan but now live in Thornliebank. I am 9 years old and a member of Communic18 for the Year of Young People.

I really enjoy school and think it is great because the teachers always spend a lot of time working with us to find out how we want the lessons to be planned. The teachers always encourage us and if we achieve things we get congratulated. The dinner ladies work really hard on our school meals and they taste delicious.

But even though I think my school life is amazing, I still think it could be better. I would love to see more lunchtime clubs, such as sport, book club and coding. It’s sometimes hard to find people to play with in the playground so it would be better for me and for some other people, especially boys who don’t like football, to have a club to spend their break in.

I do think I’m listened to a lot at school. But then again, it’s only selected people who are taken out and listened to. Where there are other people who have opinions that aren’t always heard maybe because of their behaviour or they are too shy. So, if teachers had more time away from lessons, to speak to every child and hear everyone’s opinions, I think it would improve schools everywhere.

I’m worried that when we get to high school, there will be loads more subjects than we do now. Some students might find this a bit overwhelming, so if we could have the same range of subjects at Primary school then it might be easier to transfer from Primary to Secondary.

I think it would be good if one day a term, the kids plan the lessons and take over to demonstrate how they would run the school. The kids should lead classes, take over the role of head teacher, answer the phone, run the Twitter feed and lots more jobs that are done every day in school. Although if anything serious happens the adults could step in and help the kids with that.