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Anna, Emma, Isla and Lee – 5Rights Blog

Hi, our names are Anna, Emma, Isla and Lee and we are the Rights Respecting School Team at Uddingston Grammar.

This year we have been working hard to promote children and young people’s rights through the right of the month and our notice board.

Recently we have become the first school in Scotland to support the 5Rights framework which says Uddingston Grammar cares about building a better internet for young people. We are delighted to be the first school in Scotland to show our support for 5Rights UK.

What 5Rights means to us;

  • The Right To Remove – Is really important to us because it gives us peace of mind that nothing will come back up in the future that we might have said and didn’t mean.
  • The Right To Know – This is important because it will make us feel safe and be informed about what has been done to our information online.
  • The Right To Safety And Support – We feel this is an important right because everybody can feel safe and know who to go to for support when they need it and there will always be someone to talk to.
  • The Right To Informed And Conscious Use – Everybody should be able to have this right and time away from electronics, people feel really pressurised and it can affect their academic studies, social life and mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • The Right To Digital Literacy – All young people should have the right to access and be able to use technology and the internet and know how to be safe online. Being digital literate will make us more knowledgeable and broaden our horizons for the future.