Engage over 650,000 young people

Young people are the trendsetters of today and a Young Scot Rewards partnership can help them to build an enduring relationship with your organisation.

Whether you’re a national brand or local business, whether you want to offer a long term discount or a specific opportunity, we have a partnership to suit you.

With over 650,000 Young Scot card holders and Scotland’s only dedicated online content platforms for all young people, there is no other organisation able to reach and engage young people quite like Young Scot.

The benefits:

  • Reach: A communication package from e-newsletters to social media with the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of young people
  • Engagement: Tens of thousands of young people use discounts and engage with Rewards every week
  • Support: Contribute to our work helping young people to thrive
  • It’s free to get involved

The opportunities:

  • Discounts – Generate sales and a positive relationship with a discount or offer that suits you
  • Rewards – Rewarding young people for making positive choices, Rewards opens doors to new experiences:
    • Activities – Could you offer a cultural, volunteering, active, employability or community action opportunity?
    • Rewards – Think of it as a competition prize. Could you offer vouchers, tickets to an event, or an experience unique to your organisation

“Our discount partnership helps Co-op to build a positive relationship with young people across Scotland.” Marketing Manager, Co-op

“Our Rewards partnership has been successful in encouraging over 2,300 SAAS – early funding applications – in 2016.” Head of Communications, Student Awards Agency for Scotland

Get involved:

Contact us to discover more about how a partnership can help deliver your goals:

If you’re interested in joining Young Scot Rewards, please complete our short registration form and one of the team will be in touch shortly.

More on becoming a Discount Partner

By offering a discount to young people, not only will you contribute towards raising the profile of your brand amongst young people, leading to increased footfall and sales, it will also help to identify you as a socially responsible organisation. There is no cost to you becoming a discount partner. After you join, Young Scot will give your business:
• Free listing on the Young Scot app, placing your offer at young people’s fingertips
• Free point of sale material which informs Young Scot and European Youth Card cardholders that you offer a discount
• Free Young Scot and European Youth Card card recognition guides for your employees

As well as the above benefits, we have a range of communications channels, from social media, magazines to direct mail. For more information, download our Discounter Pack.

If you’d like to become a discount partner just fill out our short online form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

More on becoming a Rewards Partner

For partners, the programme provides a unique tool for engaging young people and encouraging them to participate in the opportunities available to them. Taking part in Rewards can bring a whole range of benefits, including:

• It’s easy! We simply give you a points code which you can display on a poster or give out to young people that visit your organisation or attend your event – we do the rest.
• Free registration and no ongoing costs
• Free publicity and promotion on the Young Scot portal
• Contributing to increasing young people’s engagement in socially beneficial activities
• Increased awareness by young people of your services and/or products
• Increased participation by young people of your services and/or products
• Generation of new customers
• Retention of existing customers